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Why buy from Out West Land Sales?

We hand choose the best properties we see that will be most desired by our buyers. We thrive on great customer service and fast transactions, not to mention we are very easy to work and strive to leave our customers happy with their new investment.

What states can I purchase property in through Out West land Sales?

Just as you would expect from our name, we specialize in selling land in the western half of the United States. If you are looking for a particular state try using our easy to navigate search options or select a state with your criteria from our menu.

How important is the "Due Diligence" aspect of buying property?

Doing your “Due Diligence” is the most important aspect of any Real Estate Transaction. So doing your research prior to committing to purchase will assure that it is the best property that suits your needs.

What does it cost to purchase a property from your website?

We do charge a small $499.00 document preparation fee to be added to any purchase either financed or cash. No hidden fees or closing costs. If you choose to finance a property with us, we do not even charge interest or monthly service fees other than a 3.5% added charge for any credit card transactions.

Are all your properties free and clear of any liens and/or encumbrances?

Yes, we absolutely sell all our beautiful properties 100% free and clear, no liens, no encumbrances, no back taxes, etc. We own all our properties 100% free and clear and we guarantee the title will be conveyed that way!

Can we make a site visit prior to purchasing?

Yes, we definitely encourage anyone interested in any of our gorgeous properties to make a visit prior to purchasing.

How does the land buying process work online?

Simple, everything is done via mail, no in person contact or meeting it’s really that easy. We provide all necessary paperwork for recording and plot maps pertinent to the sale.

Are mineral rights conveyed with the property?

Only when advertised with the particular property for sale. Typically those are owned by the RR and utility companies.

How soon can we use our property and enjoy our new land purchase?

Right away as long as full payment is made and you adhere to any association requirements if applicable.

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